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System Detailing

UCONPT has been able to capture a considerable portion of the post-tensioned building market....

Types of Post Tensioning

The Post-Tensioning systems commonly used in building and bridge construction are grouped into two principal categories.

Method Statement

UCONPT Post Tensioning Systems are developed and maintained by Uconpt Structural Systems Pte Ltd...

Technical Details

Fabrication and erection of ISMB channel as per the approved drawings. Sufficient support has to be maintained under the slab ....

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CSR Activities

With the corporate inclination towards, “Enriching our Society”, our CSR efforts are focused on holistic development of socially & economically deprived groups and enabling beneficiaries of these programs to secure a better & brighter future.

Our CSR initiatives reflect our commitment towards being a community-conscious, socially-responsible, value-based organization committed to making the world a better place to live in.

Our aims to create educated, healthy, sustainable and culturally vibrant communities. We also contribute as a company to various charitable causes.